Travelogue 6-10 May (part 2)

Dirk Depoorter

Sunday 8 May

Sunday is all about the water projects realized over the past 2 years.

Gidda Sukuta

20220508 reis02First stop is our new water project in Giboro Gidda Sukuta.

Kuloro Ba Duma

The second project is in Kuloro Village, Kuloro Ba Duma, where we also get a tour of the village, and see the different extensions that have been built to get the water as far as possible into the vast village. And yet we still come across the classic wells (shallow, with impure water, with a pulley and buckets). What we hear is that the classic (old) wells are still used to water the gardens, and that our installations are used for everything where hygiene is required, such as preparing food. Although hygiene in The Gambia is given a different interpretation than what we give it.

Mandinaba Darussalam

Next project is in Mandinaba Daru Salam. Here we are asked to build a new school from scratch. Apparently an area where the population is growing strongly, but it seems premature to us to invest in a school here, without anything concrete: where do they get the teachers, how many students would come to school here, let state that there would be curricula… In terms of location, this seems suitable, but we lack too much information.

Gunjur Freetown

From Mandinaba Village we continue to our project in Gunjur Freetown, nice installation. Striking, but something we already notice too often: solar panels full of dust. And this while the panels are on the ground (so easily accessible), but that little or no attention is paid to it, as a result of which the efficiency of the pump decreases. And the first question we get is for an additional pump. We make it clear to Omar that he needs to be more careful about this. This is an essential condition before we even think about installing an extension or additional installation. As long as the discipline is not there to make optimal use of the existing installation, we do not think it makes sense to make that additional investment.

Gunjur Madena Salam

When we arrive in Gunjur Village, for our Gunjur Madena Salam project, we see that things can be done differently. In addition to many thanks, a sturdy - and highly motivated - lady takes the floor to explain to us how our installation contributes to the quality of life of the women in the village. This testimony really speaks to us, gives us a warm feeling, that together we realize something that really makes a difference, very often for the women who take on the heavy work in The Gambia. Cheers!

20220508 reis03

Nursery school Kartong

Normally we would end the day at the Astry Nursery School in Kartong, the second school we have built. Another Belgian NGO takes care of the follow-up and supervision of the teachers. We pass the school, which is deserted on Sunday, and notice that it still looks very neat. Which once again emphasizes the importance of follow-up.