The works at the nursery school in Kartong are progressing. The roof has been placed and the walls plastered. We can start with the interior and paint the exterior walls. The school will be ready by the start of next school year.



The water wells of Bamindorr and Faalah will be expanded with a water supply network. In this way, compounds located further afield also receive water.



The Gammol board discusses current and future Gammol projects with the village council (village development committee) of Sanyang. These projects must meet the real needs of the community and reflect the vision of Gammol.



Work on the nursery school In Kartong continues. You see the classrooms appearing. A local contractor does the work together with Gambian employees of Gammol.

20190501 02


Together with Halaai Xale we wil build a nursery school In Kartong for children aged 4 to 7 years.
The preparatory work has started. Concrete blocks are made by hand on site.

 20190501 01

The school will have 4 classrooms and an office for the headmaster and an office for the teachers. The sanitary block for the children is in a separate building.

20190501 03 

Five months after the construction of the well. A fresh vegetable garden appears where until recently there was only a dry sandy place. Large cucumbers are hanging on the trees and peppers have just been planned. The water brings new possibilities.

20190408 01