Engine for the future

Gammol school in Abuko

The Gammol Nursery School is located in Abuko, The Gambia. We acquired the land in 2004 and build the school in 2005 with our own volunteers. There are four classrooms, an office and a covered gallery. Since then we also provide the necessary material support every year.

130 children between 3 and 6 years of age receive lessons from trained teachers. 

The official education in The Gambia starts at 7 years and is in English. Pre-primary education is not subsidized, which seriously complicates the chances of success of children who do not have the means to prepare themselves for primary education in private schools (if there are any in their neighborhood). Yet everyone (including Unicef) agrees that the first five to six years of life determine the further development of a child.

That is why Gammol invests a lot of resources and work in its school activities in The Gambia.

Support other schools

Gammol supports different schools in the Sanyang area. Gammol has placed toys in the school and completely renovated the kitchen building. We also built a school in Bakoteh.

Together with Halaai Xale Gambia, Gammol is building a Nursery School in Kartong.

Trainees Thomas More

Every year trainees from the Thomas More Institute go to our school to support local teachers. The trainees of the Thomas Moore Institute stay for three months in the Gammol house in Sanyang and also offer support to other schools in the area.