About Gammol

Gammol is founded in 2002 as a Belgian non-profit organization. In The Gambia we are recognized as Gammol NGO (A115).

From previous visits to the African country of The Gambia, the founders want to do something about education and healthcare needs.

The availability of pure water always appears to be an essential basic condition. That is why we focus on the further expansion of our water projects.

Thanks to Gammol, more than 120,000 people in The Gambia have clean, drinkable water every day.

In addition, Gammol also focuses on educational projects and healthcare.

Gammol is a small organization, but because of that very efficient and effective in its operation. We run 100% on volunteers, and because of that we only spend a minimum of our total budget on 'own' operating costs. Together with the local authorities, we carefully select future projects. In this way we ensure that they have the greatest possible impact on the local population.

In 2019 the board changed and Gammol moves to Leuven.