About Gammol

Gammol is founded in 2002 as a Belgian non-profit organization. In The Gambia we are recognized as Gammol NGO (A115). From previous visits to the African country of The Gambia, the founders want to do something about the needs of the local population.

The availability of pure water always appears to be an essential basic condition. That is why we focus on the further expansion of our water projects. Gammol provides tens of thousands of people in the Gambia with clean, drinkable water every day. In addition, Gammol also focuses on educational projects and healthcare.

The operation of Gammol is based on 5 values:

  • Transparency
  • Efficiency and creativity
  • Continuity
  • Collaboration and self-reliance
  • Independence

In 2019, the board was renewed and Gammol moved to Leuven. The new board has formulated a new mission and vision, with clear principles.



In 2022, we focused on water supplies. We installed seven new wells and bought material for an eighth, repaired the water basins of Sanyang Garden and provided the necessary maintenance for the other wells.

The school in Sanchaba that we built last year was expanded with two classrooms, kitchen, storage space and toilets. We also provided the Gammol school in Abuko with new chairs.

The Flemish nurses went to Gambia to train local employees in wound care.

Thanks to our numerous sponsors.

The income

In 2022 we received € 68.815 in income.

2022 in UK

Private individuals gave € 24.564, companies € 38.880. A large group of donors, both individuals and companies, does that every year. We are very grateful for that. This guarantees the continuity of our operation.

We received larger donations from a few companies and private individuals who are sympathetic to our projects. The most important are: Lotus Bakeries Corporate, Belscan Continental, Pelbo Invest, Boss Paints, Trainingshuis In Co,JCVaerenbergh consulting and Danerolles.

We received € 4.845 in subsidies from municipal authorities, and other campaigns raised € 526.

The Heilige Graf primary school in Vosselaar deserves special mention. Children walked between 5 and 10 km and were sponsored. This sponsored tour raised € 4.813. This amount is spent on education projects in The Gambia.

The expenses

In 2022, Gammol vzw spent € 108.152. For the operation in Belgium € 265 or 0.24 % of the budget was used for bank charges and insurance. The remaining €107.888 went to our NGO in The Gambia.

The expenditure of NGO Gammol in Gambia

In The Gambia we spent € 107.243 on projects for the benefit of the local population: water supplies (€ 74.795), education (€ 18.948) and wound care (€ 13.501).

2022 uit UK

Our operating costs in Gambia amount to € 6.782. Most of which goes to wages for our two permanent employees (€ 2.271) and fuel and maintenance of the car (€ 1.957).

2022 werking UK

Projects in The Gambia

The total project costs in The Gambia in 2022 amount to € 107.243.
The main ones are:


  • New well in Madina Salam Tabokoto (€ 8.438)
    Madina Salam Tabokoto, a village in the south of the Gambia between Gunjur and Kartung, has about 1700 inhabitants and now has its own water supply. A tower with water barrel and 7 taps scattered in the village.
  • New well Gunjur Freetown (€ 8.350)
    Freetown is a northern district of Gunjur. The water tower of Gunjur Freetown provides 2000 people with clean drinking water.
  • New water well Kuloro Ba Duma (€ 8.837)
    About three kilometers from the Gambia river and about 20 km from the Gammol house in Sanyang, Ba Duma is a neighborhood of Kuloro. The water supply supplies clean water to more than 2000 people.
  • New water well Mandinaba Darussalam (€ 8.438)
    A few kilometers from Ba Duma is Darussalam. This well provides 2500 inhabitants with clean, drinkable water. By choosing villages that are close to each other and installing the wells immediately after each other, we can better coordinate the works. In addition, the councilor responsible for the region can more easily monitor the proper use of the installation.
  • New Sohm well (€ 9.215)
    Sohm is located about 30 km inland in the south of Gambia against the Senegalese border. Still more than an hour's drive from our offices in Sanyang. This well provides 3000 people with clean water. Here too we provide the standard 1000 m pipe and 10 taps.
  • New water well Faraba Sutu (€ 9.606)
    Not far from Sohm, in Faraba Sutu, we place the last well before the rainy season begins. This well with 10 taps provides 2800 people with clean water.
  • New well in Wellingara (€ 9.861)
    Wellingara is located in the north of The Gambia in the very densely populated area just below Serrekunda. 35.000 people live around the well. Here too we install a water tower with 10 taps and 1000 m of pipe.
  • New well in Sinchu Sorrie (€ 9.585) with 10 taps and 1000 m of pipe
    In a nutshell, only a few kilometers from Wellingara, yet it is a different neighborhood with 30,000 inhabitants. We don't know exactly how many people will use this well. Given the population density, there will be several thousand. We drill the well and buy the material. Finishing will be done in 2023.
  • Sanyang Garden (€ 2.350)
    Repairing water basins: defective pipes and taps. Waterproofing basins with bitumen.


  • Sanchaba school (€ 17.712)
    Expansion of the new school (2021) with 2 extra classrooms, a kitchen with storage space and toilets.
  • Abuko school (€ 1.235) Purchase of 120 extra seats for the students.

Wound Care – Leetulor

  • Leetulor wound care (€ 13.501)
    We send extra medical material and provide food for our local volunteers so that they can continue to work on wound care in the villages.
    Flemish nurses go on a mission to train and assist volunteers. They are also looking for new volunteers in other villages

The result

After several years of Covid-19 and global supply problems, we were able to get to work in 2022. As a result, we were able to start 8 new water projects and provide extra school infrastructure.

It is true that the non-profit association Gammol closes 2022 with a negative result of € 39.337. But all expenses could be covered with the donations we received this year and the positive balance (€ 54.060) from last year.

In addition, there remains sufficient liquidity (€105.453) for new projects in 2023.

Expectation 2023

Together with our team on site, and available budget from the past years and thanks to our sponsors, we hope to close the year 2023 with these projects:


  • 6 to 8 new wells;
  • Expansion of existing installation. Existing villages are motivated to take the initiative themselves.With good initiatives we will provide an extension;
  • Maintenance of existing installations.


  • Build new school. The correct location will be determined in consultation with our local employees;
  • After an interruption due to corona, this three students will go on an internship for three months.

 Wound Care - Leetulor

  • Supplying and educating Leetulor health workers.
Sanchabang nursery school