Annual report 2019

About Gammol

Gammol is founded in 2002 as a Belgian non-profit organization. In The Gambia we are recognized as Gammol NGO (A115). From previous visits to the African country of The Gambia, the founders want to do something about the needs of the local population.

The availability of pure water always appears to be an essential basic condition. That is why we focus on the further expansion of our water projects. Gammol provides tens of thousands of people in the Gambia with clean, drinkable water every day. In addition, Gammol also focuses on educational projects and healthcare.

The operation of Gammol is based on 5 values:

  • Transparency
  • Efficiency and creativity
  • Continuity
  • Collaboration and self-reliance
  • Independence

In 2019, the board was renewed and Gammol moved to Leuven.

The new board has formulated a new mission and vision, with clear principles.

The income

In 2019 we received € 115,877.33 income.

Of this, € 110,395.29 are gifts. In the first year with the new board, Gammol NPO could count on 85 sponsors, the majority of which were new donors. We hope to enthuse our sponsors with our projects, so that we get a permanent core of sponsors who want to make an annual contribution. A small part of our income was for specific projects of Leetulor, a successful collaboration between the nursing school of Hasselt and Gammol.

We have received some large donations from companies that are kind to our projects. The most important: Link/Manage (€ 10,000), Lotus Bakeries (€ 5,000), Distrifund (€ 4,000), PIDPA (€ 3,148), Van Steenbrugge & Partners (€ 3,000). In addition, there was an important exceptional gift of € 40,535.

We received € 2,883.33 subsidies from municipal authorities and we sold aid items for € 2,598.71.

The expenses

In 2019 we spent € 30,114.80 of which € 29,555.60 went directly to projects in The Gambia and € 559 was used for the operation of Gammol in Belgium. 

Spending in Belgium includes various insurance and bank charges. The total expenditure for these cost items is € 559 or 1.85% of the spent budget. In addition, there are travel costs of € 1,110. This is a contribution from Gammol in the airline tickets of the 2 nurses who do volunteer work for Leetulor. The travel costs of the three directors are borne by them.

Our projects in The Gambia

The total project costs in The Gambia in our first 'start-up' year amount to € 29,555.60. We have been able to achieve a lot in 2019 with materials that Gammol had purchased in previous years.

The main projects were:

  • building a nursery school, kindergarten in Kartong with 4 classrooms and infrastructure for teachers and management (€ 18,094);
  • installation of a new central water system in Fula Kunku (€ 3,994);
  • expanding the water installations in Bamindor and Falaah with more than 2 km of water pipes and additional branch points to go to a decentralized water system (€ 2,480);
  • train wound care workers and provide them with materials within the Leetulor project (€ 2,036);
  • urgent repairs in the Abuko school and various installation (€ 723);
  • receiving and guiding 3 Flemish students for their 3-month internship in pre-primary and primary education.

More information about our spending can be found on our website Gammol > News

In Gambia, the Gammol has two full-time employees, Omar Saidy and Lamin Darbou. Two motivated and inquisitive Gambians who lead our projects in the right direction. The salary costs for the employees, transport and communication costs amount to € 2,227.

The result

The Gammol NPO closed 2019 with a positive result of € 86,229.95.

This reserve is exceptional and has 4 main reasons:

  • A completely new management. The new board has formulated a new mission and vision, with clear principles. This has resulted in many new donors being willing to support the non-profit organization Gammol.
  • An important exceptional gift of € 40,535.
  • Limited expenses and investments, due to:
    • The availability of many materials;
    • The new board that had yet to find its way into the structures of the non-profit association and especially into the other African culture where our Western norms and customs are being interpreted differently.
  • The wish of the new board to have the operation of Gammol in The Gambia and the work in The Gambia carried out as much as possible by Gambian employees, without the presence of Belgian volunteers. The ambition is to provide the team in Gambia with the necessary expertise so that they can develop fully independently projects in the long term and so that we can significantly increase the number of realized projects in the future. We hope to see results of this in 2020.

Expectation 2020

Notwithstanding covid-19 also affects The Gambia, we still want to realize important projects in 2020,  admittedly with a delay.  Together with our team in The Gambia, and thanks to our sponsors, we hope to realise these projects in 2020:

  • Water projects
    • new wells in Joreng, Jalambang, Wassadung, Makumbaya and Daru Salam;
    • expanding and existing water supplies in Yundum Health Center;
    • maintenance of existing installations;
  • Education
    • finishing the build of the nursery school in Kartong;
    • build 4 new classrooms and facilities for management and teachers in Sanchaba nursery school;
    • thorough renovation of Gammol school in Abuko (tiling, veranda, windows, sanitary);
    • send a container with school materials and relief supplies to The Gambia;
    • set up a copy center to help the schools in Sanyang;
  • Healthcare
    • Yundum Health Center install new sanitary facilities;
    • Supply Leetulor health workers;
  • Others
    • thorough renovation of our headquarters in Sanyang so that students, interns and healthcare workers can stay safe and comfortable;
    • there is an urgent need for own transport so that our team can better follow up new projects and maintain existing installations.

New school in Kartong