About Gammol

Gammol is founded in 2002 as a Belgian non-profit organization. In The Gambia we are recognized as Gammol NGO (A115). From previous visits to the African country of The Gambia, the founders want to do something about the needs of the local population.

The availability of pure water always appears to be an essential basic condition. That is why we focus on the further expansion of our water projects. Gammol provides tens of thousands of people in the Gambia with clean, drinkable water every day. In addition, Gammol also focuses on educational projects and healthcare.

The operation of Gammol is based on 5 values:

  • Transparency
  • Efficiency and creativity
  • Continuity
  • Collaboration and self-reliance
  • Independence

In 2019, the board was renewed and Gammol moved to Leuven. The new board has formulated a new mission and vision, with clear principles.

Despite Covid-19, we were able to achieve a lot in 2020. We installed four completely new wells and did major maintenance work on three other wells. We completed the construction of the new school in Kartong, renovated our school in Abuko and started the construction of a new school building in Sanchaba.

Thanks to our numerous sponsors.

The income

In 2019 we received € 118.704 income, of this € 110.451 are gifts.

Private individuals gave € 42.351, companies € 68.100. A large group of donors do this every year. We are very grateful for that. This guarantees the continuity of our operation.

We have received larger donations from a number of companies that are well-disposed towards our projects. The most important are: Link Manage, Wisa, Distrifund, Belscan Continental, Boss Paints, Lotus Bakeries Corporate, Pelbo Invest, Buurtsuper.be, Danerolles, Frank Delmote, In-flow, Koffie F. Rombouts, Pittman Seafoods.

We received € 4.384 in subsidies from municipal authorities and we sold merchandise items for € 2.149.

In addition, there were some smaller incomes such as the rental of the Gammol house in Gambia to student and a contribution from Halaai Xale Gambia towards the transport costs of the container that we shipped to The Gambia.

The expenses

In 2020 we spent € 111.089. For the operation of Gammol in Belgium we used € 256 or 0,23% of our total budget. Spending in Belgium includes various insurance and bank charges. The remaining € 110.833 went to our projects in The Gambia (€ 58.862), to our operation in The Gambia (€ 34.094) and the remaining budget (€ 17.877) was provided for our operations of 2021.

The operation in The Gambia

There was an urgent need for own transport for our team in Gambia so that they can better follow up the projects and maintain existing installations well, even during the rainy season. We invested in a decent off-road vehicle Mitsubishi Pajero and we shipped it to The Gambia (€ 21.852). Fuel and maintenance of the car costs € 1.112.

Together with the non-profit organization Halaai Xale Gambia, we filled a 40 ft high cube container with, among other things, school material (200 tables and chairs, benches, plates,..), medical material for wound care, desk material, maintenance material. The costs for sending the container amounted to € 6.329.

We paid out wages to our employees for €1.889 and spent €1.626 on office equipment (printer, paper, etc.), electricity and communication. The Gammol house, Gammol's office and residence for Flemish interns and nurses, was refurbished for € 745.

Transferring money to our account in Gambia cost € 542.

De projects in The Gambia

The total project costs in The Gambia in 2020 amount to € 58.862.

Covid-19 has also hit The Gambia. The freedom of movement of the residents, and therefore also our employees, was limited. Nevertheless, we were able to realize many projects.

The main ones are:


  • Placing a new water installation in Jalambang. The first pump of the new generation: higher tower (6 m), larger water tank (3 000 L) and more branches/taps. The new installations will always be of this type (€ 9.458).;
  • Installation of a new water installation in Joreng 120 km inland with 10 branches and water for about 2000 inhabitants (€8.119);
  • Installation of a new water installation in Makumbaya with water for 1500 people (€ 7.063);
  • Installation of a new water installation in Mandinary for 2000 inhabitants (€7.279);
  • Restoration of the two water pumps that supply the 10 ha agricultural area of Sanyang Garden (€3.987);
  • New well in Wassadung 3 km from Joreng. This was a project of the European Development Fund, but they do not provide maintenance and/or repairs (€2.719)
  • Installation of sanitary facilities in the health center of Yundum and expansion to maternity (€ 354)
  • Repair and maintenance water installations in Pacholing, Mamuda, Abuko.


  • Finishing the new school in Kartong which should have opened in September 2020. Due to covid-19, the opening has been postponed to September 2021 (€3.600).
  • Beautification of our Gammol school in Abuko. Rainproofing, plastering, new windows, tiling (€ 6.891);
  • Start of school construction in Sanchaba: 4 new classrooms, teacher's room, storage room (€ 3.864);
  • Buy material to replace the roof of the Sanyang nursery school (€ 630);
  • Supervising three education students who do their internship in The Gambia and stay in the Gammol house.

Woundcare - Leetulor

  • Delivery of medical equipment and food for the Gambian employees who take care of local residents in the villages (€ 1.960)

The result

In reformulating our vision and mission in 2019, we emphasized self-reliance. For example, our Gambian employees can now independently plan and implement projects within a predetermined framework. We use local suppliers and products as much as possible.

This results in a significant increase in the number of projects completed, despite Covid-19.

All expenses could be covered with the donations we received.

The non-profit organization Gammol closes 2020 with a positive result of € 9.464.

Expectation 2021

Covid-19 will also remain in the Gambia in 2021. In addition to the limited freedom of movement in the country, there is a scarcity of products. The Gambia is dependent on imports for most products. The global delivery problems are also felt here.

Together with our team on site, and thanks to our sponsors, we hope to close the year 2021 with these projects:


  • new wells in Sanyang Nimisat, Gidda Sukkuta and 4 more locations to be determined; - replaced pump in Labakoreh; - maintenance of existing installations.


  • Sanchaba nursery school: build 4 new classrooms and facilities for management and teachers; - distributing didactic material and school furniture; - due to the travel restrictions, no students will go on an internship this year.

Wound Care - Leetulor

  • Supply Leetulor health workers.
Waterpump Wassadung