Sustainable development

The operation of Gammol is based on 5 values

1. Transparency

The resources made available to us by sponsors and donations are used in a transparent manner. Every year we show in a clear overview how these resources are used in the realization of our projects.

All resources are used exclusively for the support of existing and the implementation of new projects.

Volunteers and administrators do not receive any compensation whatsoever. In this way, all journeys and stays in Gambia are funded personally by everyone.

2. Efficiency and creativity

We strive for optimum efficiency and creativity when purchasing all the requirements for our projects and when implementing them.

For example, we have designed a kit for the water projects (pump, reservoir, solar panels ...). Installations run more smoothly and accurately and can be adjusted and improved more easily. We ship regularly containers to The Gambia with materials for water supply installations and medical, school and other materials. Everything is stored in the Gammol house in Sanyang, from where it is distributed by our employees on site.

The contacts that Gammol builds up with local authorities through the water projects are also used in the further development of the medical and educational projects at those locations.

3. Continuity

To ensure the continuity of our operations, it is necessary that we have sufficient resources each year to be able to sustainably support the projects.

That is why long-term partnerships with our sponsors is very important. These relationships are based on trust and openness. Regular feedback on current projects and planning for the future.

Already one of our sponsors, Link \ Manage bvba, is committed to guarantee the continuity of the existing projects by providing the necessary financial resources for this.

4. Cooperation and self-reliance

Gammol can only work thanks to the commitment of many people both in Belgium and in The Gambia. Cooperation through solid agreements, meticulous division of tasks and frequent consultations are the key words.

In The Gambia we have a local team that operates from our Gammol house in Sanyang. That team is responsible for the current projects in The Gambia, and is supervised from Flanders. These local people are properly and fairly compensated for this.

By working together with that local team we ensure the follow-up of our projects. The ambition is to provide this team with the necessary expertise so that they can also develop water projects themselves in the long term.

In addition, we want to share all the knowledge and know-how available within Gammol with local communities and with non-profit organizations / NGOs that endorse our standards and values.

5. Independency

Gammol takes an independent position towards all possible political, economic, military and religious institutions, because we always want to decide for ourselves where and how we can best use our resources.

We have only one interest in mind: to offer as many people as possible access to a number of basic needs.