In March, Dirk Depoorter, Dirk Fannes and Hedwig Theunis went on a mission to Gambia. Together with the Gammol team, they want to evaluate operations in Gambia, visit projects from the past year, prepare new projects, make agreements with local authorities and local suppliers. Dirk Depoorter made a travel report.

You can find a detailed report here: Gammol > How we work > Travel reports


Also this year, two Flemish students will go on an internship in Gambia for three months. Joke and Myrthe's first lesson is over. It is an English lesson about the different parts of the body.

You can follow them here: Blog Joke en Myrthe 

20240225 Students1

The tower in Banyaka New Town stands. We will complete the installation as soon as the trenches for the pipes have been dug. This is a job that the residents of the village do themselves.

 20240219 BanyakaNewTows

Banyaka is located about ten kilometers north of Sanyang, our home base, and a little further east. It is a densely populated municipality with 9,000 inhabitants. Here we are installing two separate water installations: in Banyaka Gidda and Banyaka New Town. Both have a double tower with 2 tanks of 4000 liters, 15 taps and 1500 m of pipes.

 20240219 BanyakaGidda

 Banyaka Gidda

The Fuffor water installation is ready and will supply water to about 3,000 people.

20240104 Fuffor220240104 Fuffor

After Jamwelly, our next large water installation will be located in Fuffor. Here too, there are two 4000 liter tanks on a 6.5 m high tower. The extra tower and water tank make the installation approximately 10% more expensive. We will have a lot of extra capacity for this.

 20231210 fuffor

We are installing our first larger water installation in Jamwelly. The double tower of 6.5 m will have two 4000 liter water tanks and 15 taps are spread throughout the village to distribute the water.

The water pump works with solar panels. After sunset the pump stops. The village then has to rely on the remaining water volume in the tanks. Due to the larger storage capacity, there is water for longer after sunset.

 20231204 Jamwelly

Painting of the water towers has started to better protect them against rust. Gammol provides the paint, young people from the villages paint.

 20231104 GunjurFreetown

We are putting the finishing touches to the new classrooms of the school in Faala.
The walls are plastered, painted and the floors tiled.

20230815 faala 03

Work on the new school in Faala is progressing well. The rafters and windows are ready to install.
We hope to be ready by the start of the school year.

Thanks to Lotus Bakeries, Bolckmans and all other sponsors!

20230416 Lotus20230416 Bolckmans


20230815 faala 0120230815 faala 02

We are building a new nursery school in Falaa, a southern district of Sanyang. There will be 4 classrooms, a room for the teachers and management, a kitchen, storage space and sanitary facilities. Concrete blocks are made by hand, dried and then the masonry works start.

20230625 faala0120230625 faala02

The water tank in Sohm has burst. Part of the tank broke off and fell on the solar panels. Fortunately no one was injured.
The cause is not clear. Possibly a construction defect in the tank. We will have to replace the tank and panels.

20230506 Sohm0120230506 Sohm02

Mien and Liesbeth, two Flemish nurses, stay in the Gammol house for a few weeks. They teach local employees how to treat wounds with simple means.

20230418 Leetulor01