Sohm is located about 30 km inland in the south of the Gambia against the Senegalese border. Yet soon more than an hour's drive from our offices in Sanyang.

This well provides 3,000 people with clean water. Here too we provide the standard 1000 m of pipeline and 10 taps. If the village maintains this installation good, it can be expanded.

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Sanyang Garden is a 10-acre fenced area where residents of Sanyang can grow vegetables. Water is pumped into large water basins after which it is used to irrigate the plots.

Many water basins are leaking, causing the pumped water to be lost, and taps and pipes are also defective. We seal the basins with bitumen and repair the pipes and taps.

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In the Gammol house, our headquarters in Sanyang and a place to stay for students and nurses, the wooden doors need to be replaced. Moisture during the rainy season and termites damage the doors. We replace 9 wooden doors with metal doors and give them a Gambian color.

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The Heilig Graf primary school in Vosselaar supports Gammol. From March 7 to April 1, every class of primary school walks its tour. The first degree 5 km, the second degree 7 km and the third degree 10 km. The students are sponsored and Gammol uses the proceeds to build schools and promote education in The Gambia.

4 813,- euro has been collected. 



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Due to corona and supply problems, we were able to install fewer water wells in previous years. This year we are making up for the damage.
We installed our fourth well of 2022 in Mandinaba Darussalam. This well provides 2500 inhabitants with clean, drinkable water.

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About three kilometers from the Gambia river, Ba Duma is a district of Kuloro. The water supply supplies clean water to more than 2000 people.

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Freetown is a northern neighborhood of Gunjur. The Gunjur Freetown water tower provides 2,000 people with clean drinking water.

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