Students from the Thomas More high school organize a spaghetti day. The students leave within a few weeks for a three-month internship in Gambia. They stay in the Gammol house and teach in the local schools.

They use the revenues of this evening for an educational project in The Gambia. Well done!

20190112 01


Today we officially hand over the well to the village community of Bamindor. The well is on public land and from now on the village will take care of the installation.

There is singing and dancing and with speeches from village chiefs. The women are very happy. They don't have to walk that far for water. It just comes from the tap and is pure. Children are less ill and a vegetable garden becomes possible.

20181101 04


Solar panels provide the pump with electricity. The pump works from sunrise to sunset. After sunset there is 1000 liters of water in the tank. When the tank is full and the pump is still working, the water returns to the well.

The work is coming to an end. The well will be operational within a few days.

20181101 02

Work on the new well in Bamindor has started. Bamindor is located a few kilometers north of Sanyang. The well was drilled, the concrete base was placed in advance and we are now building a central unit with eight water taps and a tower with a water tank.

20181101 01