Due to corona and supply problems, we were able to install fewer water wells in previous years. This year we are making up for the damage.
We installed our fourth well of 2022 in Mandinaba Darussalam. This well provides 2500 inhabitants with clean, drinkable water.

20220306 mandinaba0120220306 mandinaba02


About three kilometers from the Gambia river, Ba Duma is a district of Kuloro. The water supply supplies clean water to more than 2000 people.

20220223 kuloro0220220223 kuloro01


Freetown is a northern neighborhood of Gunjur. The Gunjur Freetown water tower provides 2,000 people with clean drinking water.

20220127 gunjur freetown0220220127 gunjur freetown01


Over the past two years, we've had to slow down a bit. Corona and the poor availability of materials slowed down the installation of new water supplies. In 2022 we want to get back on track. The year is not even 14 days away and our first new well is ready.

Madina Salam Tabokoto, a village in the south of The Gambia between Gunjur and Kartung, has about 1700 inhabitants and now has its own water supply. A tower with water barrel and 7 taps in the village.

20220115 Madina0120220115 Madina02


The new classrooms of the school in Sanchaba are ready. Painted rooms, installed benches, just dust off and clean up.
The school can start.

20211016 Sanchaba01

20211016 Sanchaba02 

Our school in Abuko recently got new windows and tiles. Now the entire school is being repainted.

20211005 Abuko


The water supply in the Gammol school of Abuko depends on the proper functioning of the electricity network. If there is no electricity (which happens regularly), there is also no water. That is why we are installing a tower with a 5000 liter barrel. The school always has clean water.

20210920 Abuko01


The nursery school in Sanyang was given a new roof and the walls were erected. The work was done by the villagers themselves.

The money was collected by Eveline, Laura and Merel, students who did an internship in The Gambia. Thank you!

20210711 sanyangnurseryschool01


The works on the new buildings of the Sanchaba school are progressing. The roof is on, the tiling has started. Soon the painting can start. The new classrooms should be ready by the start of the school year in September.

20210605 sanchaba01

20210605 sanchaba02 

Gidda Sukuta is a village in Kombo East with a growing population of 1500 inhabitants. Especially in the region adjacent to Giboroh Kuta there is a need for clean water.

The population helps to dig trenches for the laying of the water pipes through the village. We place a 7 m tower with water tank and 10 branch points.

At the inauguration, councilor Ousman Bah,  Pa Touray of the council of elders and Alkalo Saikou thanked Gammol and their sponsors.

Kairaba News Network: Gammol Delivers Water Facility To Gidda Sukuta Worth Of D700,000

20210412 giddasukuta0220210412 giddasukuta01


Nimisat is located in the north-eastern part of Sanyang. It is a densely populated area. The decentralized water system can be used by the medical aid station and the 3500 inhabitants.

20210321 Nimisat0120210321 Nimisat0320210321 Nimisat02


The Gambia does not escape covid-19 either. We send extra medical equipment and provide food for our local volunteers so that they can continue to work for wound care in the villages.

20210303 leetulor0220210303 leetulor01


After a long break due to corona and some urgent water projects, we are continuing to build the new school in Sanchaba. Four classrooms, a classroom for teachers and management and sanitary facilities. The works are progressing well. The masonry is finished and the metal roof trusses are ready to be installed.

20210125 sanchaba01

20210131 sanchaba0220210131 sanchaba01